Meet Mrs. Cavanaugh

Meet Mrs. Cavanaugh

Yes, there really is a Mrs. Cavanaugh!  Marie was born in West Jordan, Utah, and raised in the little Southern Utah community of Green River.  Marie always had a knack for cooking and learned while just a youngster to provide delicious meals and desserts for her large family of seven.

Marie left home to attend college and there met her future husband George.  After their wedding the newlyweds moved to George’s cattle ranch in South Dakota.  Marie found that she had a talent for business and started making fine chocolates in their ranch home, the rest is history.  Marie learned early that quality pays big dividends.  

She discovered early that people are willing to pay for quality and that they will come back again and again to enjoy that quality.

Now over forty five years and thousands of tons of chocolates later, Mrs. Cavanaugh, with the help and support of her husband George and their wonderful, outgoing family and loyal employees, continue to create some of the world’s finest chocolates.

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