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How Does That Juice Get Inside The Chocolate Covered Cherries?

Posted By admin on March 30, 2010

How Does That Juice Get Inside The Chocolate Covered Cherries?

Have you ever wondered how they put liquid cherry juice inside of chocolate covered cherries?  I remember as a kid thinking about different ways I would put the juice inside of chocolate covered cherries.  Whenever I would get chocolate covered cherries I would inspect them for a tiny hole.  I used to think that they would inject the juice into the cherry with a syringe, but I never could find a hole. 

The second idea I had as a youth on how to make chocolate covered cherries was they must make the liquid first.  Then after placing a cherry inside of a small mold they would fill the mold the rest of the way with the liquid.  Then I figured they must place it in the freezer and wait for the liquid to freeze.  When the juice was frozen inside the mold they would pop out the frozen cherries and dip them.  If you know anything about chocolate you cannot dip frozen products with really delicious silky smooth chocolate.  The frozen center would make the chocolate “bloom,” meaning the cocoa butter separates from the chocolate.  This makes the candy appear white and dull.

How chocolate-covered nuts are made is easy to figure out.  All they would have to do is mix chocolate and nuts together and drop them on a belt or in a cup and they are finished.  After working at Mrs. Cavanaugh’s Chocolates for over 20 years I will have to admit it is a little more difficult than that but it’s close enough.

As a youth I thought of other ways to make chocolate covered cherries but to save time for this article I will move forward with my story.  There are a couple ways we get the juice inside the chocolate shells.  One way is to heat up the secret ingredients in a crock pot until they became a liquid paste.  The cherries were dropped inside and scooped out.  The coated cherries were then placed on a wax paper covered tray until they reached room temperature and dried.  Once cool the cherries were twice dipped with chocolate.  (Dipping them twice would ensure the soon-to-be liquid would not leak.)  Once coated with chocolate, the secret ingredients would break down over the next few days and turn into cherry juice.

The second way we get the juice inside the cherry is by using a panning machine.  For those who have never seen a panning machine, it is round with a hole on one end and spins like a clothes dryer but is angled up slightly.  We first place the secret ingredients—a dry powder—in the spinning pan. Next we place moist cherries inside the pan.  The ingredients begin to evenly collect on the cherries.  While the pan is still rolling we spray secret liquid onto the cherries which allows additional powder to bond to the cherries.  When they reach the perfect size they are then removed from the pan and dipped twice with chocolate.

It’s obvious that as a youth I never did figure out the real way to make chocolate covered cherries but it was fun imagining.  If you have never tasted a Mrs. Cavanaugh’s Chocolate covered Cherry Cordial then you are missing out on one of life’s pleasures.  With one bite you can tell they are made with only the best ingredients money can buy.  As a word of advice—always be careful when taking your first bite or that wonderful juice might end up on your chin!

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