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Webmasters - Earn income promoting Mrs. Cavanaugh's delicious chocolates. If you have a website, sign up today and tell all your friends to buy Mrs. Cavanaugh's.

Mrs Cavanaugh's has been creating home-fashioned chocolates for over 40 years. Mrs Cavanaugh's dedication to quality will help turn browsers into buyers. Joining our affiliate program will generate some sweet rewards for your website. We offer 15% commission and payment is 20 days EOM. Affiliates must be located in the US, have a fully operational website, and have contact information posted.

Mrs. Cavanaugh's delicious chocolates are very popular during Holidays. Proper promotion of our products can earn you a nice commission.

  • Mrs. Cavanaugh's Chocolates SELL THEMSELVES!!
  • Average ticket price is $35.
  • 30 day tracking cookie. The customers you bring us are yours!
  • 15% commission
  • Exclusive Affiliate Coupons
  • Direct Deposit Payments

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